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3D Animation Demo reel

This is Chenxing Dai, a professional 3D animator with years of experience. I used to work as a 3D Animator for games and animation shorts. I also produced 3D commercials for different companies. For service, check my business page HTTP://

I have 3 years of experience as an animator and 3D Artist. I am proficient with Maya, Mudbox, Rhino, Keyshot, Vray, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator. I am also experienced with Unity.



#Animation #Instruments_Related_Rigging 

#Live_Music_Animation #Directing

Duel is a live music animation short produced by StudioX. I pitched the project with storyboards, rig plans, and rigged instruments model to convince the committee. In production, I worked with the supervisor, Michael Parks, to direct the movie as the director. I also animated 15 shots to explore and establish the style. Instruments rigging and constrain plans are made by me, as well as solving rigging issues for other animators.

Facial Expression

#Animation #Facial_Animation #Expression #Lighting

I took a professional facial expression animation class. I learned the system and principles of expression and expression change which helps me a lot in real-life work. A facial is another language to let the audience know what happens inside the character's mind. I really enjoy building up the detail of facial movement to make things really really work.

Pixar Training

#Animation #Environment_Modeling 


During my MFA period in AAU, I applied for the Pixar feature film animation training program and was accepted by a good GPA and Demoreel. The program includes 4 pieces of high-level animation including topics of sitting down with stretch and squash, jumping with the right weight, heavy lifting with believable movement, Obstacle scene as final.


#Animation #Lipsync_Animation #Dialogue

#Environment_Modeling #Lighting

Lipsync is my another specialty, I actually enjoy polish the lipsync shot to make mouth and lip match dialogue well, and I also pay attension to body, not only body mechanic, but also body movement match the meaning of dialogue. In my opinion, dialogue is a chemestry of combining facial expression, body movement, and mouth / lip movement. Those elements will work together to make believable movement. I take care both big picture and details.

Loft Music Commercial

#Concept #Animation #Rigging #Modeling 


A personal Freelance project for a local music education studio. The commercial is ideally to match their pop and rock nature. The concept of the story comes from famous on the road. Then, I modeled the environment, the pony car, and the environment, as well as instruments. Characters are low-poly because of budget and schedule which suit the whole idea and big picture very well. I also did a quick job of rigging them. Animation matches music notes, and I pay attention to body mechanic and variable movement of instruments playing.

Stormrunner, Sporty

#Industrial Design #Render #AE #PS #Rhino 

#Keyshot #Automobile_Design #Nurbs #Modeling

Stormrunner is an exotic sporty car. When I was an Industrial Designer, I designed this beauty as a core exterior in an engineer company. The concept is combine the looking of beautiful streamline with the feeling of muscle and power. To get better handling, 50:50 weight balance is another goal to meet. Production of model, video and rendering is used for pre-investment presentation.

Jet Ride, Modelling

#Modeling #Industrial_Design #Rendering #Polygon

The project was originally made for the T&M drone video service. I designed and modeled the Jet Ride, Hard Surface half motorcycle, and half aircraft. I also modeled and rigged the helmet-wearing characters. It combined my experiences in Industrial Design Area with my experiences in the animation area.

Hell escaper 

#Animation #Rigging #Modeling #Character_Design

#Cycle_Animation #Unity

Hell Escaper is a dark humor game in the style of horror and cult. My part focuses on one Asian hero. I designed the character, and make a low-poly model, then bind the hierarchy rig to it. I also modeled and rigged one of the NPC ghosts in this video. Animation I did for hero including Run cycle, Attack A, Attack B, Idle, and Die. For NPC ghosts, I did jump forward animation, attack, and blew away.

Street Fight

#Animation #Camera_Layout #Lighting 

#Live_Action_Scene #Camera_Animation

I achieved this one when I was Graduate Student. Action is one of the topic. Camera language is another topic of this sequence. I use camera angle to help audience understand the situation of each person, this will make the scene comfortable to watch. I enjoy animate action scene.

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