3D Animation Demo reel

This is Chansing Dai, a professional Animator. Currently, I recognize myself as a Character Animator, and my related experiences include human character animating, creature animating. I worked on music animation Duel as a Director and Lead Animator between 2018 to 2020 when I was gaining my MFA degree. I also provide several commercials for different companies (check my business site HTTP://www.daianim.com/3d). As an active artist, I am open to a new job position, or a new contract position for projects. Enjoy my reel and feel free to explore my site. 



#Animation #Instruments_Related_Rigging 

#Live_Music_Animation #Directing

Duel is a live music battle animation short produced by StudioX. I pitched the project with storyboards, rig plan, and rigged instruments model to convince the committee. In production, I worked with the supervisor, Michael Parks, to direct the movie as the director. I also animated 15 shots to explore and establish the style. Instruments rigging and constrain plans are made by me, as well as solving rigging issues for other animators.

Facial Expression

#Animation #Facial_Animation #Expression #Lighting

I take professional facial expression animation class at 2018. I learned the system and principles of expression and expression change which helps me a lot in real life work. Facial is another language to let the audience know what happens inside character's mind. I really enjoy build up the detail of facial movement to make things really really work.

Pixar Training

#Animation #Environment_Modeling 


During my MFA period in AAU, I applied for Pixar feature film animation training program and been accepted by a good GPA and Demoreel. The program including 4 pieces of high-level animation including topics of sitting down with stretch and squash, jumping with the right weight, heavy lifting with believable movement, Obstacle scene as final.


#Animation #Lipsync_Animation #Dialogue

#Environment_Modeling #Lighting

Lipsync is my another specialty, I actually enjoy polish the lipsync shot to make mouth and lip match dialogue well, and I also pay attension to body, not only body mechanic, but also body movement match the meaning of dialogue. In my opinion, dialogue is a chemestry of combining facial expression, body movement, and mouth / lip movement. Those elements will work together to make believable movement. I take care both big picture and details.

Loft Music Commercial

#Concept #Animation #Rigging #Modeling 


A personal Freelance project for a local music education studio. The commercial is ideally to match their pop and rock nature. The concept of the story comes from famous on the road. Then, I modeled the environment, the pony car, and the environment, as well as instruments. Characters are low-poly because of budget and schedule which suit the whole idea and big picture very well. I also did a quick job of rigging them. Animation matches music notes, and I pay attention to body mechanic and variable movement of instruments playing.

Stormrunner, Sporty

#Industrial Design #Render #AE #PS #Rhino 

#Keyshot #Automobile_Design #Nurbs #Modeling

Stormrunner is an exotic sporty car. When I was an Industrial Designer, I designed this beauty as a core exterior in an engineer company. The concept is combine the looking of beautiful streamline with the feeling of muscle and power. To get better handling, 50:50 weight balance is another goal to meet. Production of model, video and rendering is used for pre-investment presentation.

Jet Ride, Modelling

#Modeling #Industrial_Design #Rendering #Polygon

This ridable aircraft, Jet Ride, is a combination of motorcycle and jet. The description of the concept comes from a live-action project of Academy of Art University Storyboard department. I used my Industrial Designer and Engineer skills to come up with the final design. It has mini twin jet engines that take place the exhaust pipe of traditional bikes. Also, at the bottom, there are another pair of jet engines to let it fly. I finally bring it to 3D models. 

Hell escaper 

#Animation #Rigging #Modeling #Character_Design

#Cycle_Animation #Unity

Hell Escaper is a dark humor game in the style of horror and cult. My part focuses on one Asian hero. I designed the character, and make a low-poly model, then bind the hierarchy rig to it. I also modeled and rigged one of the NPC ghosts in this video. Animation I did for hero including Run cycle, Attack A, Attack B, Idle, and Die. For NPC ghosts, I did jump forward animation, attack, and blew away.

Street Fight

#Animation #Camera_Layout #Lighting 

#Live_Action_Scene #Camera_Animation

I achieved this one when I was Graduate Student. Action is one of the topic. Camera language is another topic of this sequence. I use camera angle to help audience understand the situation of each person, this will make the scene comfortable to watch. I enjoy animate action scene.