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This is Chenxing Dai, a 3D character animator who really digs deep into the details to produce high-quality animations. I graduated from Academy of Art University with a master’s in animation, and hold a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from CDI of Tongji (Asia Bauhaus). I grew up surrounded by pop culture, like Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Quentin Tarantino & Martin Scorsese's films, and paintings by Andy Warhol & Kandinsky. As an animator, I’m often inspired by the works of DreamWorks and Pixar, and the stop-motion films of Wes Anderson. I’m also a musician and play multiple instruments, which is one of the reasons I directed Duel, an animated short live-music film that allowed me to incorporate my knowledge of playing instruments with my skills in animation. I’m experienced working in pre-production (modeling and rigging), and production (animation) both independently and within group collaborative environments.

Prior to becoming an animator, I worked as an industrial designer for different companies, modeling, rigging, animating and rendering a variety of product designs. I also produced parametric models, motion graphics, and used Action/Mel script to write code. My experience working in a logic and scientific-focused environment helped me develop my strengths in technical design and my eye for detail. My goal is to use my practical and experimental skills to develop creative animations, and eventually become a filmmaker in my own right.

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