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Industrial Design


StormRunner, a passionate of drive, an art with technology and power. A hybrid exotics car that can gives driver a joyful ride a feeling of amazing power. Streamline of body is representative of  beauty, power and speed. Drive it, run from storm till you see the sunshine.


Aero tool, a camera cleaning kit with futurist looking, for satisfying people's eager about having high end product in their hand. Parametric pattern matches the title of Aero. It grows from single branches to a complex shape, attaches to the whole product, makes it unique.


Magic hat pendant is an installation art with Arduino interactive element. It is the combination of art and tech. Outshape follows the modern design concept of growing up from single element. More movement around, it goes shinier.


MAIZ, a compact-size sedan targets the market of compact size vehicles, ideally for the young generation. Target customers are young people who live an urban life. The attractable contents of MAIZ including suicide doors, better inner space, short wheelbase but big rims. Overall it looks cute but it keeps the feeling of a sporty car. Those fit young people's needs for the street.


This ridable aircraft, Jet Ride, is a combination of motorcycle and jet. The description of the concept comes from a live-action project of Academy of Art University Storyboard department. I used my Industrial Designer and Engineer skills to come up with the final design. It has mini twin jet engines that take place the exhaust pipe of traditional bikes. Also, at the bottom, there are another pair of jet engines to let it fly. I finally bring it to 3D models. 

product rendering


​This is a commercial picture rending job for the Acegmet home tools. I majorly use Keyshot to get better realistic lighting quality.  The whole job is about 3D model analyze/rework, realistic lighting, rendering, and graphic design.

Graphic Design


Loacker Package design for China market is a project that combines European elements and Chinese elements. Since it is a package for festival gift in market of China, I put red background with western illustration which seems acceptable for people live in China. According to food agency representing Loacker in Shanghai, this design finally helped them sell the product.


Mustard Seed Education is a nursery school for upper mid-class family in Shanghai, the most developed city in China. The school is located in a traditional China garden, so what they want show in this logo are elements of: green of environment, the name of its brand, the kids and their modern educational concept. I start from analyse their characters "芥".


LIDE Tech & Space is an engineering company focuses on civil engineer, surveying engineering, industrial design, engineering education, 3D city, drone surveying, automobile and navigation. They have their traditional field, and they are expanding for new field like drone surveying. So they ordered 2 logos for that, shows title of brand, their meticulous characteristic. The shape should somehow has relationship with engineering.


Multiart.Center is a forum website for sharing art piece, it is a start-up project. My logo is re-creation of the words "multi-art", and this logo will be easy to recognize and remember.

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