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Duel (WIP)

Live Music Short

Duel is a Live Music Animation Short. 

The story talks about a classical trained violinist, intrusion a homeless rock guitarist's home, an abandoned subway station. Then, they start a jinstruments battle but finally found common interests in playing music together.

This short is a 3D animation which will be one of the best music instruments playing animation. We are going to challenge the limit of 3D animation in live music topic.

Short will firstly released at a Rock Event in the end of 2019, and will officially released in 2020.

Produced by AAU-StudioX.

Part of Animation

Animating by Chenxing Dai

String Rigging

Designed by Richard Camastra

Modeled by StudioX Modeling Department

Rigged by Chenxing Dai

Besides of finishing part of Animation and being director, I also rig the string since we don't have rigger for this project. Strings are individually rigged, it has 4 controls :

1.Start point Control, start point is tied to the head of Guitar. It can control independently to suit the actual length.

2.String Bend, String bend are common for the music type of this video, so it should has string bend control.

3.Picking Control, Reacting to the Pick when playing.

4.Ending point Control, Suit the exact length just like start point control.


Designed and Modeled by Chenxing Dai

Violin is designed before I pitch this project to StudioX. The S shape of violin is related to the characteristic of Violinist Ben, which is opposite of the Guitarist. I researched a lot on traditional violin, and try to combine the classical feeling to modern shape. Modeling of violin start from basic polygon, and smooth by adding more faces.

Instrument/Character Constrain

Characters Designed by Richard Camastra

Characters Modeled by StudioX Modeling Department 

Characters Model Trouble Shooting & Solving by Recola Li

Rig developed by Pixar Studio

Instrument/Character Constrain developed by Chenxing Dai

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